We are Northern Ireland Wedding Photographers – based just outside of Belfast, but we shoot across all of the country and further afield.
We are Ciaran, Simon and Majella and together we are Ciaran O’Neill Photography.
We love taking little moments and making them into big memories. Specialising in beautiful, contemporary fine art wedding photography and stunning family portraits.
Our weddings are a mix of fun, candid, romantic and dramatic, just like your wedding will be.
Our family portraits are a time capsule, a moment in your lives captured for you, your children, their children.


From castles to barns, we’ve had the privilege of shooting at the amazing wedding venues in Ireland. In this section – we’ve featured a few of our most popular wedding venues from all over Ireland.

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Come this way for all of the latest news from Northern Ireland Wedding Photographers – Ciaran & Simon. Our blog features sneak peaks from all of our weddings and also some helpful tips & hints on how to make your big day perfect.


Family is important – we treat all our customers like an extension of our family. We put their needs at the forefront of our customer service – always striving to help, create and give the best experience of professional photography.

Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer - Ciaran O'Neill


The head honcho. The boss. The gaffer. All terms used to describe our inspirational leader as Ciaran has been at the pinnacle of the photography industry for 25 years indeed leading the way in the digital age and constantly adapting his style and pushing boundaries. The most acclaimed & renowned Northern Ireland wedding photographer.

Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer - Majella Heatley


Whilst she may not be related to Ciaran, Majella is thought of like a family member. She is the heart and soul of the business, she’s what makes the place tick. Before your big day and after it, Majella works tirelessly to make sure our customer service is the best in the country indeed her knowledge on wedding photography (and all other aspects of weddings) surpasses wikipedia!!

Northern Ireland Wedding Photographer - Simon O'Neill


The accolades Simon has received since becoming a professional over 10 years ago have been numerous. But it is our customers whose opinions matter most to Simon. He has already built a reputation in his own right and in fact the fun, fast pace that Simon uses to shoot his wedding photography style enable his couples to enjoy their day in front & away from the camera.

Any questions, we're here to help...

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