Bridal Advice

Tips for your photography

Don't take chances. You can't retake the photographs so make sure you get a qualified professional photographer who is a member of a professional organisation PPANI, MPA or BIPP.

Look at lots of photographs by the photographer. Make sure you see complete albums and not just the best shot from lots of weddings.

Look at how the bride's dress is arranged. You want a photographer who knows how to do this quickly and properly. You will spend a lot a money on you dress. You want it to look stunning.

Look at the family shots. Inexperienced photographers will often fail to organize groups properly resulting in awkward and unsightly arrangements.

Leave enough time. As a general rule you need to leave roughly 4 hours from the start of the ceremony to the start of the meal plus driving time. This may seem excessive but it is better to have a little extra time to spend with your guests instead of having to rush and maybe miss out on some photographs.

Have a Plan B. If you are planning an outdoor location for your photographs consider the possibility of bad weather.

Consider the time of year. If you are getting married during the winter months remember it might be dark as early at 3.00 pm. A wedding at 1.00 pm or 2.00 pm may mean little or no outdoor photography.

Insist your hairdresser and makeup artist finish with you first before they start the bridesmaids etc. They will want to leave you until last but this will mean you are not ready for photographs until the last minute. This causes two problems. Firstly your photographer may have to leave for the church without any photographs of you ready. Secondly, if someone has to be photographed candidly without makeup let it be the bridesmaids and not you!

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