Wedding Price List

Thank you for enquiring about our wedding photography services. As well as fabulous photographs, we pride ourselves on giving outstanding customer service. Our state-of-art studio is probably the best in Northern Ireland. Have a look at this short clip to see a little more.

Thank you for watching. The next clip shows a what customers would typically select for their album from the hundreds of photographs we take at their wedding.

Next we’d like to show you how that selection would look when their album is designed.

So if you like what you have seen so far I’ll explain how the process works. If you decide to book us you are welcome to come and see us in person or via Zoom. Alternatively you may be happy to go ahead and book online. In that case we can send you the booking form and payment details for the booking fee (£200). There’s no need to make a final decision on which album you would like but below there 3 videos showing all our options with their current prices. All of our album packages come with the following:

  • A handmade Italian album
  • An online gallery
  • A high-light video slideshow
  • A smartphone app to view your photos
  • 60 images (more can be added if needed)

Once you have booked you are welcome to contact us at any time but we don’t need to be in touch until closer to the wedding. Around 2 months before the wedding we will get in touch to organise a meeting (in person or via Zoom) to finalise details. After the wedding we aim to show you a small selection of your photos (Sneak Peak) within a few days and all your images to view within 7 days. At peak times it may take a little longer. Once you’ve seen and chosen the images it takes 2-3 weeks to design your album. At that stage you get to make any final changes to the design. Once you’re happy with the design it is sent to Italy where it takes just 5-6 weeks to be printed and mounted in your handmade album.

Captured your attention? Give us a shout!