Many brides decide they want to have a flower girl in their wedding, it’s usually so that younger family members can be included, or to have a pretty sprinkling of petals down the aisle.

But there is a significance behind the flower girl. Traditionally the purpose is to lead the bride forward and symbolise innocence fading away, and her role as a mother and wife coming forward.

The tradition began in Ancient Rome, where the flower girl carried wheat and herbs. This was to bless the couple with prosperity and fertility. Throughout Western Europe, the only people who attended to the bride were those of youth. So all of the attendants in the wedding party were children.

Finally, and the most notable of “flower girl visions” is the Victorian flower girl: a young, little girl in a white dress carrying a basket full of rose petals.

Today brides still use flower girls in their wedding, and a lot of the time they prefer to choose a flower girl that will mirror their own image. Sometimes the flower girl wears a small version of the bride’s gown, though most of the time she wears a dress similar to that of the other bridesmaids.

A lot of weddings now are child free.  Personally, I think they bring an element of fun to a wedding ..but each to their own! Majella

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